Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Discount Stores are an Excellent Resource for Children's Books!

 Look at these adorable books! Would you believe that these treasures, from small board books to beautifully illustrated stories, were all found at discount stores, and all bought for under $3 each? UNDER THREE DOLLARS! My quest began after Thanksgiving, when I began looking around for good children's books that told the story of the 1st Christmas for Ruby. It was a challenge to find anything decent under $10, and even Christian bookstores had a limited range and exorbitant prices. Now, I'm usually one to try to support local bookstores, and I'm also willing to shell out the cash for meaningful books. But I'm also a deal hunter, and boy am I excited to have stumbled upon some really great resources for Christian children's books for Ruby. One of my favorite things to look for at garage sales is quality children's books. We try to keep our toy collection simple, but we will always have room for more books! Reading Bible stories, simple prayers and stories of God's love and promises has become an important part of how we are trying to shape Ruby's heart as she grows. It's amazing what she is able to take away from the messages in books. Most of these books retail for 3-5 times the prices they were sold at. I'm not a big fan of cheap, "made in china" looking books with generic illustrations - amongst these are some really beautiful, quality pieces of art! I don't know how discount stores do it! For my readers in the Central New York (Syracuse, more specifically) area, the above books were all found at Ollie's on Erie Blvd in Dewitt and The Christmas Tree Shop in North Syracuse. Though I hate to shop there, Walmart sometimes has a decent selection. Other places to try are Big Lots, Dollar Tree and other dollar stores and any other liquidator or buy-out discount store where books are sold. Happy Hunting!!!


Kara said...

I agree that Ollie's has an amazing book selection. They also have some good resources for homeschoolers as well! "Don't you just love a bargain" (oh wait..that's Big Lot's slogan)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Nothing wrong with looking for good deals - and it looks like you found some treasures for your little one! Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway - good luck! ~ Ruthie

Meghan said...

I've found a number of really great books at Marshall's in the plaza across from Barnes and Noble on Erie Blvd.