Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Nipplephobia" and Nursing Covers - Part 2

   Okay, okay.... so I just rambled on and on about how we nursing mamas need to stop using nursing covers in the company of other women and bravely bring breastfeeding back into the norm in this country (read it here). BUT... sewing your own nursing cover is such a simple, easy sewing project that I just can't stop myself from sharing the online tutorial with ya'll! Why spend nearly $40 when you can make one for well under $15 (depending on the cost of your fabric, it could cost as little as $4!) Now, the downside to these things is that eventually your sweet little nursling will become curious about the colorful toy you keep draping over his or her head, and he will start yanking it around and making being discreet more difficult.
    If you aren't motivated to sew OR you just want to try out a different design that is really fabulous, check out my friend Juliane's beautiful nursing ponchos on Etsy at Wind in the Trees.
     Here is a simple online tutorial for you to follow. So EASY! :)

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marissa said...

awesome thanks so much for sharing I'm definitely going to check out the pattern