Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FREE Subscription for parents to Education Revolution Magazine

When I was pregnant with Ruby, my husband and I began having long discussions about the life we wanted to provide her with and the education we would seek out for her in her early years. Would she go to public school (as we did)? Private school? An alternative school.... or maybe even homeschool? if we homeschooled, would we follow a traditional method or would we be radical unschoolers? There is a lot to think about! Our doula's husband, Chris Mercogliano, is a mover and shaker in the alternative education movement, and we were inspired by his books as well as a conference we attended that featured author John Taylor Gatto. We still have a few years left to decide the course of our children's education (or rather, let them lead the way...) but we are leaning towards homeschooling at least for a few years. Whatever your decision, you will find Education Revolution to be an eye opening resource! Right now, parents are eligible for a free subscription and membership. Check it out!

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