Friday, October 1, 2010

Dirty Hippie Kale Salad

When a friend recently posted this video of kids eagerly chowing down on a raw kale salad, I was a skeptic. I LOVE sauteed kale with garlic and in soups and especially hidden in green smoothies, but a raw salad? I didn't think any dressing could fancy the frilly greens up enough to entice my kids. I was wrong!! They love it! Clay was literally screaming for more in between forkfuls! Hilarious! I loved it too. Made it with sesame seeds since I had them on hand, but hemp seeds are soooo yummy that I imagine it would make this even better. Give it a try - your kids might just shock you!


Amy @ Frugal Mama said...

Raw kale salad, now that is impressive! I wrote about our favorite kale chips on my site a while ago.

Have you tried them? My kids still love them, going so far as pleading with me to buy kale and even asking me to serve them at the birthday parties!

I love the title of this post. :-)

Fueled by Love said...

I have a great raw kale salad recipe from my friend at Nature Thyme, and it is delicious!! Sarah- I love your blog!!