Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm a Breastfeeding Celebrity!

When Ruby was just 6 weeks old, we had an opportunity to participate in a photo shoot for WIC to promote breastfeeding, which had it's NY state offices near where we were living. Several of my nursing mama friends at the time also posed with their babies and children of varying ages and we all got to feel like super models for the day. The photographer ended up calling me back because Ruby was a marathon nurser and had no problem staying latched on for the entire hour and half that it took to get several good shots! And that's how we ended up with out pictures all across the state!! I had completely forgotten about the photos when out of nowhere, 3 YEARS LATER, we were driving down the street and I spotted two huge bus stop advertisements - with me and baby Ruby on them!! Our sweet nursing moments caught on camera are now being used for a state-wide breastfeeding awareness campaign, as well as in all of WIC's handouts for nursing moms.

Check us out:

Healthy Foods for Mom Brochure

Gift of Breastfeeding Poster

And, just to summarize why this is a big deal to me, here is a facebook post I wrote a few days ago when a friend suggested that someday Ruby might be embarassed by these pictures:

Ruby will not ever, ever be embarrassed of these pictures, not if I have anything to do with it. In fact, I am sure that she will look at these photos some day and think about how wonderful it was that I literally gave my blood, sweat and tears, my effort, devotion and time to nourish and nurture her in the way God designed me to; but also that I was passionate about creating a world where other mothers could do that for their babies as well, without fear of public embarrassment or shame. I faced seemingly insurmountable odds to breastfeed Ruby but because of my perseverance and the support of other mothers I nursed her for 26 precious months. And I am raising her to value and cherish the nursing bond that we share. She already shows me that she understands that when she "nurses" her baby dolls.

I am damn proud to be on those billboards. I know she will be, too.

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